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Who We Are

PracticeRx is a comprehensive consulting firm specializing in strategic growth and business optimization. Our expertise lies in helping health systems across various specialties achieve remarkable outcomes through our unique methodology while offering data-backed solutions to enhance your health system.

How We Do It

While no two healthcare organizations are alike, we have learned over years of consulting at PracticeRx, there are often common themes and areas of need that are largely universal. From this learning, we created our proprietary workflow, the PracticeRx difference, that views consulting in a systematic approach to ensure we achieve customized, but consistent results for every client.  Check out Our Process on our website to learn more about our methodology. 

What Makes Us Different

As healthcare providers and executives ourselves, we have years of firsthand experience with many of the challenges and opportunities your organization is facing. Our proprietary approach combines consulting expertise and learned experiences with a growth-minded touch. This model accelerates tangible results consistently and ensure your practice operates in the most productive, legal, and scalable manner possible.

Move fast and break heal things.

"Remedy outdated technology, tactics, and strategies to move quickly in a complex and ever-changing healthcare industry." -Dr. Hall

With an executive team bringing real-world experience from a variety of settings and roles, our primary focus is to closely collaborate with your senior leadership as a trusted advisor and partner, facilitating your organization’s improved functionality and strategic growth.

At PracticeRx, we pride ourselves on giving our client organizations fresh healthcare perspectives and innovative ideas at a systems level. By working together, we ensure that our clients not only stay ahead of the constantly evolving curve, but also play a pivotal role in shaping the future of modern healthcare.

Clay Hall
Clay Hall, PhD, MBA, NP-C

Founder, PracticeRx

Our Services

Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

While the duration of our executive consulting is based on the client's needs and preferences, we believe long-term partnerships are the key to effective leadership. Instead of focusing on quick fixes with traditional consulting methods, our team dedicates the time to developing a deep understanding of our clients and their cultures. This allows us to collaboratively create sustainable solutions that are driven by the unique needs of each entity, and we believe that our executive placement approach is the best way to do that. 

Merger & Acquisition Advisement

         Mergers and Acquisitions

We help healthcare organizations define their unique value and competitive advantages, and help strategically position them to be attractive targets for investors.

We also have experience partnering with investment bankers and business brokers in understanding the unique dynamics of the healthcare industry and evaluating the potential of healthcare companies as investment opportunities.

User Experience Improvement

User Experience Improvement

Our user experience improvement services are designed to help you understand your patients' needs, preferences, and expectations, and develop strategies to enhance their overall experience at your clinic. From improving the scheduling process to enhancing waiting room experience and automating communication and information-sharing, our team can help you deliver the highest quality of experience to your patients.

Clinical Advancement

Clinical Advancement

Aiming to improve the clinical strategy within healthcare organizations, we work closely with your clinical staff to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies that enhance clinical practices. By aligning clinical functions with organizational goals, we help organizations optimize patient care, improve outcomes, and drive overall performance. 

Leveraging data to make informed decisions is essential to long-term success. We combine industry knowledge and data-driven strategies, but also ensure that your PracticeRx experience feels personal and your team’s valuable insights are an important contribution to your success. 

Support for improving the clinical, administrative, and operational aspects of medicine through emphasis of streamlining clinical processes, enhancing administrative efficiency, and optimizing operational workflows

People are attracted to businesses that align with their core values and beliefs. We help brands create meaningful connections through authentic leadership, storytelling, and personalized messaging.

The ability to accurately assess potential business moves has a profound impact on success. We leverage data to make intelligent decisions and craft robust strategies to beat competition in overcrowded markets.

Utilizing our UX/UI expertise, we implement patient-centered approaches which focus on leveraging technology and improving communication channels. We empower patients to actively participate in their own story-telling about their healthcare experiences. 

Promoting a positive reputation is essential to the long-term success of your business. We actively coordinate with your marketing staff to craft the strategy of your organization’s communication with the public, development of newsworthy topics to increase visibility, and media outlets to display the right company message as perceived by the public

The difference between an average and a well-crafted website is how enjoyable it is to use. We carefully plan out user journeys to avoid unnecessary features, focusing instead on creating an experience they’ll want to return to.

Strategic Growth

Our executive team develops targeted and data-driven  strategies to expand your reach, attract new patients, and enhance overall business growth

Our Process

Contact PracticeRx today for your initial consultation, and let’s unlock the full potential of your healthcare practice together.

With marketing and change is the tech world, healthcare marketing has never been more important time to start. This is is process of developing targeted marketing campaigns to attract new patients and increase brand awareness.

This is the processs of establishing both healthcare company and physician or staff key performance indicators to monitor the practice(s) progress and success. This process is critical to measure “weekly” to ensure company efficieny and productivity. This proven KPI consulting method ensures any implementations or progress being made is measured and improved.

Healthcare leadership coaching and consulting involves assisting physicians and practice leaders to enhance their leadership skills and strategies, while fostering a positive work culture aligned with organization’s mission.

Healthcare success planning involves assisting with leadership transitions and succession planning for the practice’s long-term success.

This is the process of improving the healtcare patient satisfaction and user experience through streamlined processes and on-demand interfacing.

With a dynamic change in healthcare technology, this is the process of advising on the implementation of telemedicine services to expand reach and convenience for patients.

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