Marketing and consulting services for healthcare professionals

by healthcare professionals.

We use validated engagement and medical expertise to drive growth and results for healthcare organizations
Clay Hall
Clay Hall, PhD, MBA, NP-C

Founder, PracticeRx

Move fast and break heal things.

Remedy outdated technology, tactics, and strategies to move quickly in a complex and overcrowded market.

The decision to establish PracticeRx was driven by firsthand experience with the limited availability of effective healthcare-focused consulting services that could address both the marketing outreach to patients and the administrative and operational challenges encountered by organizations.


Our team of healthcare professionals specializes in providing comprehensive consulting expertise tailored to your organization’s needs. We work closely with your brand to develop a distinct voice that highlights your organization’s mission-driven nature. Emphasizing integrity and authority, our growth strategies utilize data to gain insights into your customers, allowing us to position your brand to effectively address their specific pain points.

Data-driven marketing with a
human touch.

Our team of healthcare professionals combine industry knowledge and data-driven segmentation to ensure that your messaging feels personal and that your customers feel seen, heard, and understood.

Clinical Expertise

Support for improving the clinical, administrative, and operational aspects of medicine through emphasis of streamlining clinical processes, enhancing administrative efficiency, and optimizing operational workflows

Practice Rx

Brand Promotion

People are attracted to businesses that align with their core values and beliefs. We help brands create meaningful connections through authentic leadership, storytelling, and personalized messaging.

Data, Intelligence, & Strategy

The ability to accurately assess potential business moves has a profound impact on success. We leverage data to make intelligent decisions and craft robust strategies to beat competition in overcrowded markets.

UX & Web Design

The difference between an average and a well-crafted website is how enjoyable it is to use. We carefully plan out user journeys to avoid unnecessary features, focusing instead on creating an experience they’ll want to return to.

Tech Stack Audit

Advancements in technology over the past decade have reduced the complexity and burden of every day business processes. By diving deep into the technology you’re currently running and how it impacts your operations, we help you identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

SEO & Content Marketing

Businesses who rank high on search engines build trust with customers, increase brand visibility and attract new leads with valuable content. Our team of healthcare professionals ensures high-quality, optimized content across your website, marketing channels, and online profiles.

Public Relations

Promoting a positive reputation is essential to the long-term success of your business. We actively manage an organization’s communication with the public, develop newsworthy topics to increase visibility, and work with media outlets to manage how their clients are perceived by the public.

Paid Media Management

Strategically placed ads help you reach specific audiences. focusing on the highest converting channels to increase the ROI of your business. PracticeRx goes beyond simply gathering leads to create a sustainable balance between maximizing visibility and growing customer loyalty.

Choose a healthcare
marketing team who

aligns with your mission.

Practice Rx